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Financial stability and country risk

Our financial stability analysis practice started in the mid-2000s when we formed a team of top international economists to look at issues of resource abundance in Central Asia. 

We maintain dialogues with a number of governments and central banks on latent or materialised risks to financial markets. Since 2007, our experts have worked in key roles in the resolution of a number of high profile national financial stability crises.

Our work on banking systems, reserves and optimising the potential of sovereign wealth has led to assignments to write detailed reports on SWFs and their linkages with central bank reserves and investment markets. We also produced a major report on infrastructure investment in 2010. We highlighted its little exploited potential for matching, with low volatility, long term liabilities, as well as the likely increased demand from governments for private sector input. 

Paul Domjan, who was a member of our Central Asia team, and Oliver Waugh have led the spin-out of our country data unit to form Country Insights , which specialises in comparative country risk and growth analysis. It has a model covering 174 countries based on 155 data series, all integrated using algorithms developed originally by a JH&Co team led by Max Watson, Paul Domjan and Nick Dove. It has now joined the Roubini group.

We work with Country Insights and Roubini to help investors lower risk and increase return, and to help countries formulate better policy by understanding in detail the fundamental drivers of country economic risk and performance and how they may be influenced.

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