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Business overview

JH&Co forms long term advisory relationships with clients in both private and public sectors. These include sovereign wealth funds, central banks, regulators, financial institutions, as well as national and international government departments and organisations.

Typically, we undertake three types of assignment:

  • Immediate ad hoc assistance
  • Long term project design, governance and quality assurance
  • Special studies




Our cross-sector range of expertise and experience allows us to offer integrated solutions to complex problems. In addition, our network allows us privileged access to academic and industry experts whose specialised skills may be needed on an occasional basis.

We often facilitate, co-ordinate and monitor the work of clients’ teams and contractors, increasing their efficiency and effectiveness.

We maintain close links with a company successfully spun out of JH&Co, Country Insights Ltd. , on country risk and opportunity assessment. Country Insights is now owned by Roubini Global Economics.




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