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The JH&Co team

The core JH&Co team combines extensive banking and regulatory compliance experience with research into topical market, sector and regulatory issues. Via in-house teams and long established network members, we provide ad hoc technical solutions as well as analysis and long term strategic support. 

Much of our work is repeat business from long standing clients and from those to whom they recommend us. From time to time we may approach clients directly: typically this is where we see a problem that we think others have failed to spot, or believe we have a solution to an apparently intractable issue.

Each of our senior members of staff has his particular areas of expertise, facilitating breadth, as well as depth, of coverage, though with enough overlap to enable us to provide each other support and quality control. Furthermore, our network members, who are experienced practitioners in their respective fields, extend our reach and enhance our flexibility. They include senior academics and members of standard setting bodies.

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