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Nick Dove

Nick Dove
A Cambridge University PhD, Dr Dove joined UBS, where he became a leading bank analyst and Executive Director. At UBS he advised fund managers and bank management while producing pan-European product as well covering emerging markets. His day to day work included: detailed modelling and multiple valuation methods; in-depth written reports but also terse summaries with clear recommendations; analysing the impact of regulatory issues; understanding disclosure issues; considering cultural and management issues; teamwork. In that period his publications included ‘Detecting shareholder value in French banks’ (2000); ‘Eurobanks analyser’ (2001); ‘The future of asset management in Europe’ (2002); ‘Credit risk transfer’ (2003). Dr Dove's team was ranked best European all-sector research team 2001 by fund managers (Reuters) while individually he was ranked no. 5 among European bank analysts (Extel, 2002).

Since leaving UBS in 2003, Dr Dove: has advised governments, development agencies and financial institutions, notably on banking sector health in a macro-economic context; has written authoritative reports on Sovereign Wealth Funds and infrastructure investment; and was recently an expert contributor to the report for the Irish Parliament on Ireland’s Banking Crisis. From 2005-8, he project managed a high-level study group based in the UK looking at the impact of natural resource wealth on Kazakhstan’s growth and financial stability. In 2009, he was appointed by the National Bank of Kazakhstan to advise on financial sector restructuring needs following the banking crisis there. Recently, he and John Howell co-authored the report “Principles for Working with the Private Sector” for the Heads of the MDBs. Other projects have included: advising a European development bank on investor relations (2003-4); advising a European development bank on strategy (2007); advising a US investment bank on investor role play (2007); advising a major Kazakh bank on strategy and markets activities (2007-9); analysing the costs of regulation for a UK PLC (2008); and creating a research arm for a major Kazakh bank (2008-9).

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